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We carry a huge selection of ballasts from all the leading manufacturers! All of our ballasts have been field tested…

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Beneficial Insects

At MIGS WE HATE SPIDER MITES!!! So we have found the most destructive, vicious, and blood thirsty spider mite predators…

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Come by chill, listen to tunes, check out some graf, talk grow lights, Hydroponics, pest control, T5s, LEDs etc...

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LED Grow Lights

LED 600 Watt & 90 Watt Now Availible at MAINEGROW.COM

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General Organics

G.R.O. Grass Roots Organic LED Garden and adjacent used gear room with tons of quality affordable used gear, lights, controllers,…

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Maine Indoor Grden Supply has a huge selection of Hydroponic equipment, flood tables, rock wool, Sure 2 Grow, Smart Pots,…

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Image taken from the "Invaders"

Everything you need to grow hydroponics, or soil at the best possible price and backed up by a huge knowledge…

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Coming soon. "ME SO HONEY" our own local raw honey, and local miso flavored kale chips Organically grown at MIGS.

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Maine Indoor Gardening Supplies



Maine Indoor Garden Supply Grow Bank is opening

November 1st!

Come check out our new location at 417 Alfred Street, Biddeford, ME.

Welcome to Maine Indoor Garden Supply!
Welcome to MIGS, Maine Indoor Garden Supply, Maine's' premiere indoor & outdoor garden center. Located at 875 Roosevelt Trail Windham Maine. MIGS combines the best equipment with an extensive knowledge base that celebrates the symbiosis between nature, agriculture and technology.  Our store is owned and operated by a local staff who have been active in Maine agriculture for over 25 years. We are always happy to share our knowledge, expertise and passion for growing. We pride ourselves in helping people grow the healthiest most productive plants possible. We will help you create a hydroponic and/or soil system that produces massive fruits, beautiful flowers, and maximum yields for your indoor/outdoor garden.
Maine Indoor Garden Supply works with more distributors and manufacturers than any other grow store in Maine to provide you with the most choices and next level of care. MIGS offers a giant selection of products and the lowest prices. We carry an extensive list of nutrient lines, Hydroponic and Areoponic systems and parts, lamps,  reflecters, ballasts, Bio-Activated compost teas and brew kits, amendments, atmosphere controllers, soil's, soilless mediums, and much more. MIGS guarantees you'll get great equipment and pay far less.
Even if you are new to farming and gardening we can help you design your indoor/outdoor garden to be as efficient as it is productive and beautiful. The plan is to make everyone a knowledgeable and well-informed grower. We believe that by helping people produce their own foods, and herbal medicines, we can help grow Maine's economy and the personal sovereignty of its citizens.
MAINE INDOOR GARDEN SUPPLY Money Back Guarantee - We guarantee the best possible price and back it up with a 100% money back guarantee if we don't beat any of our competitors prices.

Special products

S.O.L LED Panel 864

sollogotxtweb LED

Panel 864



1000 Watt MH/HPS System

1000 Watt MH/HPS Starter System $283.46

1000 Watt Master System

EZ-Clone Package
EZ-Clone 30 Site T5 Package $423.65
CO2 Combo